Edinburgh Harley-Davidson Invitation

An invitation, the Harley way.


Edinburgh Harley-Davidson decided to do something a little different from their usual sales event. The aim was to reflect their customers love of the not only the product, but of the lifestyle. We were tasked with producing an invitation the recipient would want to keep. A fold out poster was designed to express the fun and adventure associated with the brand.


Rough and Ready

A grungy, spray can look was used throughout the piece to describe the rough and ready appeal of the Harley-Davidson brand.

All in the Detail

Graphics and images were layered in Photoshop to produce a detailed and engaging poster design. This was then mailed in matt black DL envelopes to match the Harley-Davidson branding

Opening Up

As the reader opened the invite, more details were revealed about the event, culminating in the fully opened poster, their "Big Invitation".